Who is Peter van Eekelen? You could say there are several.


For instance, there is Peter the family man who has been happily married to Ria for over 30 years with whom he has two lovely children, a girl and a boy. This Peter is living somewhat of a comfortable, quiet life.


There is also a Peter who is an ICT professional at a large multinational. Here, he has built a career spanning 32 years in building applications and managing internal or customer-based teams. He also served as an advisor on a broad range of subjects, including technical and business related issues such as quality, process improvement, internal education and compliance.


Digital photography has pros and cons compared to its analog predecessor. In terms of affordability, the equipment can be quite expensive but taking pictures does not cost you a single dime. No films to be bought and developed, and prints are not a necessity but a luxury extra. This allows aspiring photographers such as the third Peter to practice endlessly and climb the learning curve with more ease then in the old, analog world of photography. Thus, with trial and error, the third Peter taught himself several different styles of photography next to the street photography style he developed in his early years before the digital era. Six years have passed since then and his body of work is growing and growing and he can feel this itch to publish the photographs most dear to him.


So I, the third Peter, created this website. Some of the other two are present here as well, with photos from traveling and family here and there. Please note that my ICT developmental days are long past, I try to stick to a simple, basic approach.

Every portfolio section has a main photostrip either in color or black and white. Via the link in the left upper corner, the alternative series is available. Do not miss it - these are not the same photos, they are an entirely different series!


The picture resolution is relatively low, fit for browsers. If you have requests for re-use, printing or publishing (or for any other matter), please contact me using the contact form. I will respond as soon as possible.


Last but not least: I hope you enjoy!



And then there is a third Peter who embraces his leisure time and developed an array of interests and hobbies to pursue. This Peter is a traveler, a moderate but enthusiastic tennis player, a frequent visitor of art museums, a painter whenever he feels like it and of course, a Burgundian who especially enjoys beer, wine and/or whisky (preferably while listening to obscure music and reading his daily newspaper). But his foremost hobby, as it always has been, is photography. Things really took off after his wife Ria gave him a Canon 5DII as a present for their 25th wedding anniversary after which he also joined a local photo club looking for fellows and inspiration.